Join us for lunch, dinner, or Sunday brunch. Our veggie burger and fish and chips are frequently cited as the best in Cambridge, and, occasionally, best in the world.

Menu items (except Sunday Brunch) served: Mon – Sat (12pm – 10pm) & Sun (5pm – 10pm). Sunday brunch served 11am to 3pm.

Soups and Salads

Chicken Vegetable Soup$8
Potato Leek Soup$8
Oxtail with Root Vegetable and Potato Soup
(sept-march only)
Fish Chowder
smoked salmon, cod, clams, potato
Field Greens Salad
mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, house terragon vinaigrette
romaine hearts, garlic anchovy dressing, parmesan
Beefsteak Tomato
mixed greens, red onion, blue cheese, balsamic
Grilled Scallop
mixed greens, seasonal veg, bacon
add chicken: 6, sirloin: 9, or shrimp: 7


PEI Mussels
white wine, garlic
Fried Calamari
house batter, marinara
Chicken Tenders
panko crust, honey mustard or buffalo with blue cheese
Druid Chips
hand cut, curry sauce


Sandwiches served with choice of potato fries, or mixed greens. Add cheddar cheese for $1.

Druid Burger
house made, angus beef, grilled onion, tomato, greens
Veggie Burger
house made, seasonal veg, tomato, greens
Toasted Cheese
dubliner cheese, tomato
Roasted Chicken Salad
mixed greens, dijon aeoli, texas toast


Druid Beef Stew
angus beef, root veg, green beans, tomato
Irish Seafood Stew
cod, shrimp, clams, mussels, green beans, tomato
Shepards Pie
roast lamb, root veg, mashed potato
Irish Sausage, Beans & Mash
a tradition with local handmade sausage
Voted Best Fish & Chip
signature batter, hm tartar sauce, fries
Lamb Kebob
garlic rub, scallion mashed potato, greens, curry
1/2 Chicken
slow roasted, scallion mashed potato, seasonal veg
Grilled Pork Chop
molasses brine, scallion mashed potato, garlic spinach, crisp parsnip, port wine demi
Angus Steak
scallion mashed potato, garlic spinach, green beans, signature guiness sauce
16 oz. sirlion: 21 or 20 oz. ribeye: 24


Served with druid chips or mixed greens

Fishermans Platter
fried scallop, calamari, cod
Druid Platter
lamb kebobs, chicken tenders, irish sausage


Hand Cut Fries$5
Garlic Spinach$5
Scallion Mashed$4
Green Beans$4
Irish Beans$4

Sunday Brunch

Served 11am to 3pm.

Irish Breakfast
Traditional with two eggs, Irish sausage & bacon, black & white pudding, roasted potatoes & beans.
French Toast
With fresh strawberries & blueberries.
Cheddar Cheese Omelette$9
Baby Spinach Omelette$9
Smoked Salmon Omelette$9
Veggie Omelette
With zuchini, squash, mushrooms, onion & carrots.
Farmhouse Omelette
With black & white pudding, Irish Sausage & bacon & cheese.
Druid Omelette
Sauted tomatoes portobella mushrooms, green onions, bacon & cheese.
Druid Bloody Mary
Made from scratch, spicy as you want it to be!
Made with prosecco.

Before placing your order, please inform your server if a person in your party has a food allery. Consuming raw or undercooked meat, puoltry, eggs or seafood may increase the risk of food born illnesses.

Above menu items (except Sunday Brunch) served: Mon – Sat (12pm – 10pm) & Sun (5pm – 10pm)